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The annual Sparkassen Chess Meeting takes place from 14-22 July 2018 in the “Orchesterzentrum NRW” in Dortmund, Germany.. The city of Dortmund and the German Chess Federation present the world elite of the royal game in the Orchesterzentrum NRW. Six international grandmasters and two top players of the German chess national team will sit in [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 14, 2018, 10:23 pm
The tournament will be held from 18 – 25 July 2018, in Paleochora town, Crete. Organizers: Municipality of Kantanos – Selino, Chania Chess Academy CO – Organizers: Perfecture of Crete – Region of Chania, Greek Chess Federation Tournament Venue: Paleochora Community Centre Mode: 9 rounds, Swiss System. FIDE title norms are possible! Timetable: Registration confirmations [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 14, 2018, 7:47 am
The Argentinian Championship is a 14-player round-robin tournament taking place from 17-30 July 2018 in Laprida, Argentina. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 10:20 pm
The 4th Xátiva Open is a 7-round Swiss tournament taking place from 16-20 July 2018 in Xátiva, Valencia, Spain. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:56 pm
Jyväs-Shakki chess club organizes the 28th open Heart of Finland -chess tournament in Jyväskylä, Finland at 16.7.-22.7.2018. The tournament will be played in 9 rounds according to Swiss system. The first two rounds have accelerated pairing and the tournament is Elo rated and there are possibilities to reach FIDE title norms. Players receive 90 minutes [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:56 pm
The 13th Poti Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 13-20 July 2018 in Poti, Georgia. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. The Main – A Open Tournament will be held at the Chess [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:54 pm
The best female U.S. junior chess players return to Saint Louis, the “nation’s Chess Capital”, this summer as the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis hosts the U.S. Junior Closed Championship from 12-21 July 2018. The event is the most prestigious chess tournament in the country for junior players under the age of [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:19 pm
The St. Marti Open is a 9-round Swiss tournament taking place from 13-21 July 2018 in Barcelona, Spain. Players receive 90 minutes for the entire game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software competing in the Top Chess Engine Championship – [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:18 pm
The best U.S. junior chess players return to Saint Louis, the “nation’s Chess Capital”, this summer as the Chess Club and Scholastic Center of Saint Louis hosts the U.S. Junior Closed Championship from 12-21 July 2018. The event is the most prestigious chess tournament in the country for junior players under the age of 21. [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 7:10 pm
The Orbis GM is a 10-player round-robin tournament taking place from 14-20 July 2018 in Paracin, Serbia. Players receive 90 minutes for 40 moves, followed by 30 minutes to the end of the game, plus a 30-second increment starting from move one. Live games with analysis will be provided daily with the best chess software [...]
Author: videnova
Posted: July 12, 2018, 6:59 pm

Canadian Chess Newsfeed

The 2018 Canadian Open was held July 7-14, in Quebec City. It was a 9-round Swiss in five sections, with 145 players competing.

The Open section was won by Bitan Banerjee and IM Raymond Kaufman (USA). Banerjee takes the title on first tie-break, having beaten Kaufman in round 5. GM Bator Sambuev and IM Kaiqi Yang tied for 3rd-4th, both losing to Banerjee. 

With the gain of rating points, Bitan goes way over 2400, and will become Canada's next IM!

Note: Bitan's FIDE affiliation is listed as India, but he lives in Alberta and plays there often. Suggestion: get FIDE to change his federation before the title is confirmed and FIDE's "paperwork fee" goes up. 😉

Special mention to CFC President Vlad Drkulec, who played nearly 200 points above his FIDE rating in the Open section.

Section winners:

    • U2000 William Bremner 8/9 (no losses)
    • U1800 Kevin Hong Li Yun 7/9 (no losses)
    • U1600 David Gauthier et Arnaud Pelletier 7/9
    • U1400 Jessica Qian 8/8 + BYE, for the only perfect score!



Final Crosstable from Open section

Rk. Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd 8.Rd 9.Rd Pts. 
1 Banerjee Bitan   31b1    -½  36w1   8b½   2w1   3b1   4w1  12b½   6w½ 7
2 Kaufman Raymond   22b1  47w1  13b0  33w1   1b0  35w1  19b1   8w1   3w1 7
3 Sambuev Bator  30b1  34w1  15b1  13w1   8b½   1w0   9b1  10w1   2b0 6.5
4 Yang Kaiqi    5w1  20b1    -½  21w1   9b½   8w½   1b0  15w1  16b1 6.5
5 Saha Ananda   4b0  49w1  25w0  37b1  26w0  52b1  46w1  38b1  18w1 6
6 Rodrigue-Lemieux Shawn  35b1  29w1   9b½  15w0  11b1  27w1  10b0  17w1   1b½ 6
7 Dukic Zachary   57w1  52b1   8w0  20b½  30w1   9w0  22b1  21w1  11b½ 6
8 Hebert Jean  39b1  27w1   7b1   1w½   3w½   4b½  12w½   2b0  14w1 6
9 Mulyar Michael   50w1  33b1   6w½  16b½   4w½   7b1   3w0  30b1  12w½ 6
10 Cherniaev Alexander   48w1  32b½  16w½  26b1  25w½  15b½   6w1   3b0  19w1 6
11 Itkin David   36w½  54b1  32w1  12b½   6w0  26b½  18w1  31b1   7w½ 6
12 Fedorowicz John   44b1  43w1  21b½  11w½  15b½  13w1   8b½   1w½   9b½ 6
13 Chiku-Ratte Olivier Kenta  58w1  18b1   2w1   3b0  16w1  12b0  31w½  14b0  26w1 5.5
14 Desbiens Raphael  43b0  31w½  23b1  30w-  36w1  28b1  27w1  13w1   8b0 5.5
15 Doknjas John   38w1  28b1   3w0   6b1  12w½  10w½  16b½   4b0  27w1 5.5
16 Tomb Maroun  42b1  46w1  10b½   9w½  13b0  33w1  15w½  25b1   4w0 5.5
17 Zhao Jim   45w0  38b½  40w1  36b1  18w½  32b1  25w½   6b0  30w1 5.5
18 Callier Christophe   56b1  13w0  19b½  46w1  17b½  21w1  11b0  35w1   5b0 5
19 Cui Cynthia   34b0  44w1  18w½  28b1  43w1  25b½   2w0  39b1  10b0 5
20 Manley Jason   49b1   4w0  29b1   7w½  27b0  24w½  39b0  33w1  35b1 5
21 Ouellet Maili-Jade  24w1  45b1  12w½   4b0  32w½  18b0  44w1   7b0  39w1 5
22 Acosta Mariano    2w0  26b0  53w1  40b½  37w1  42b1   7w0  28b1  25w½ 5
23 Forget Luc    -½  36b0  14w0  57b1  46w0  37b1  42w1  41b½  31w1 5
24 Drkulec Vladimir   21b0  59w+  51w½  32b0  40w1  20b½  36w0  46b1  34w1 5
25 Doknjas Joshua   29b0  41w1   5b1  34w1  10b½  19w½  17b½  16w0  22b½ 5
26 Tanaka Tyler  47b0  22w1  48b1  10w0   5b1  11w½  30b0  29w1  13b0 4.5
27 Gaisinsky Adam   55w1   8b0  52w1  54b½  20w1   6b0  14b0  40w1  15b0 4.5
28 Zhu Brandon   40b1  15w0  46b½  19w0  29b1  14w0  45b1  22w0  44b1 4.5
29 Lehingrat Callum   25w1   6b0  20w0  56b1  28w0  51b½  47w1  26b0  43b1 4.5
30 Zhao Ian    3w0  57b1  37w½  14b+   7b0  45b1  26w1   9w0  17b0 4.5
31 Malakhovets Sergey    1w0  14b½  38w1  51b½  34b1  43w1  13b½  11w0  23b0 4.5
32 Zhang Henry   53b1  10w½  11b0  24w1  21b½  17w0  35b0  44w½  45b1 4.5
33 Richardson Kai   37w1   9w0  47b1   2b0  54w1  16b0  38w0  20b0  50b1 4
34 Drolet Stephane  19w1   3b0  45w1  25b0  31w0  38b0  52w1  36b1  24b0 4
35 Doknjas Neil    6w0  40b0  49w1  52b1  51w1   2b0  32w1  18b0  20w0 4
36 Li Eric M   11b½  23w1   1b0  17w0  14b0  55w1  24b1  34w0  40b½ 4
37 Garneau Benoit  33b0  39w1  30b½   5w0  22b0  23w0  48b1  50w½  47b1 4
38 James Rowan   15b0  17w½  31b0  47w½  53b1  34w1  33b1   5w0 0 4
39 Saine Zachary   8w0  37b0  57w1  42b½  47w1  46b½  20w1  19w0  21b0 4
40 Sauve Richard  28w0  35w1  17b0  22w½  24b0  56b1  51w1  27b0  36w½ 4
41 Bernatchez Dan   54w½  25b0  50w-  55w0  49b1  48w1  43b1  23w½ 0 4
42 Mercure Gilbert   16w0  51b0  44b1  39w½  48b1  22w0  23b0  43w0  53b1 3.5
43 Pare Marc   14w1  12b0    -½  50w1  19b0  31b0  41w0  42b1  29w0 3.5
44 Boshoff Thomas   12w0  19b0  42w0  49b1  56w1  54b+  21b0  32b½  28w0 3.5
45 Hay Jonathan   17b1  21w0  34b0  48w½  50b1  30w0  28w0  51b1  32w0 3.5
46 Chang Alexander R.Z.  51w1  16b0  28w½  18b0  23b1  39w½   5b0  24w0 0 3
47 Chevalier Francois   26w1   2b0  33w0  38b½  39b0  50w1  29b0  49w½  37w0 3
48 Auger Bertrand   10b0  53w1  26w0  45b½  42w0  41b0  37w0  52b½  56w+ 3
49 Dube Daniel   20w0   5b0  35b0  44w0  41w0  53b1  56w1  47b½  51w½ 3
50 Leger Manon    9b0  56w½  41b+  43b0  45w0  47b0  53w1  37b½  33w0 3
51 Bouton Christophe   46b0  42w1  24b½  31w½  35b0  29w½  40b0  45w0  49b½ 3
52 Tinica Gabriel  59b+   7w0  27b0  35w0  55b1   5w0  34b0  48w½ 0 2.5
53 Dhaliwal Jatinder   32w0  48b0  22b0 -1  38w0  49w0  50b0  56b1  42w0 2
54 Tremblay Rejean  41b½  11w0  55b1  27w½  33b0  44w- 0 0 0 2
55 Jean Martin   27b0    -½  54w0  41b1  52w0  36b0 0 0 0 1.5
56 Hebert Andre Jr   18w0  50b½    -½  29w0  44b0  40w0  49b0  53w0  48b- 1
57 Bluteau Yvon    7b0  30w0  39b0  23w0 -1 0 0 0 0 1
58 Abbas Talal   13b0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
59 Durette Francis   52w-  24b- 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0




photos (via FQE facebook)

photo above by Victoria Jung-Doknjas: Bitan Banerjee at the 2018 Canadian Open in Quebec City

Author: John Upper
Posted: July 14, 2018, 10:21 pm

Our Canadian Tactic comes from a first-round game between Canada and TSG Markkleeberg at the World Senior Team Chess Championship (+50). It is FM Ian Findlay as Black to move in the diagram. 

Solution: see game below at move 23, but don't miss Kamsky - Chiku-Ratte (Calgary, 2016) in the notes for even more tactics.

2018 World Senior Team Chess Championship

July 7-15, 2018 in Radebeul (a suburb of Dresden), Germany.

It is a 9-round team swiss, 4 players per team,  in 2 sections: 50+ and 65+.

The US team of GMs Shabalov, Benjamin, Ehlvest and Yermo are ranked first. Russia's 65+ team has an average rating of 2428, and would be ranked 3rd in the 50+ section. The Canadian Team is ranked 9th in the 50+ section:

  1. IM David Cummings 
  2. FM Victor Plotkin 
  3. FM Ian Findlay
  4. IM Michael Barron


Live Games


() - ()
 Round:  Result:
[Event "World Senior"]
[Site "Dresden"]
[Date "2018.07.07"]
[Round "1"]
[White "Hahn, Andreas"]
[Black "Findlay, Ian"]
[Result "0-1"]
[ECO "B30"]
[WhiteElo "1863"]
[BlackElo "2244"]
[Annotator "John Upper"]
[PlyCount "77"]
[EventDate "2018.07.07"]
[EventType "team"]
[EventCountry "GER"]
[WhiteTeam "TSG Markkleeberg 1"]
[BlackTeam "Canada"]

1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bc4 Nc6 4. Nc3 g6 5. h3 {White's setup looks pretty
inoccuous, but Kamsky has played it and scored an instructive attacking win
against Kenta in Calgary in 2016 (see note to move 9).} ({White could
transpose into a regular Dragon with} 5. d4 cxd4 6. Nxd4 Bg7 7. Be3) 5... Bg7
6. O-O Nf6 7. d3 O-O 8. a3 a6 9. Ne2 $6 (9. Ba2 b5 10. Bg5 Bb7 (10... h6 $1 {
prevents White from trading the Bg7}) 11. Qd2 Rc8 12. Rfe1 Nd7 13. Bh6 Nd4 14.
Nxd4 Bxh6 15. Qxh6 cxd4 16. Ne2 Rxc2 17. Nxd4 Rc5 (17... Rxb2 $2 18. Qc1 $16 {
traps the R.}) 18. b4 Rc3 (18... Rh5 19. Qe3 {and the Rh5 is way offside.}) 19.
Nf3 Rxd3 20. Ng5 Nf6 {Now White plays to remove the defender on f6.} 21. Re3 $1
{The threat of Rf3xf6 forces Black to exchange Rs and so open the f-file.} Rxe3
22. fxe3 Bxe4 23. Rf1 Bf5 24. e4 $18 e6 25. exf5 exf5 26. Nxh7 $3 {Gives back
the piece for three pawns, a much better structure, and a long-term initiative
against the black K.} (26. g4 {keeps a big advantage, but exposes the white K.}
) 26... Nxh7 27. Qxg6+ Kh8 28. Bxf7 Qb6+ 29. Kh1 Qe3 30. Rxf5 d5 31. Qd6 $1 {
taking away checks on the h2-b8 diagonal.} (31. Rh5 $4 Qc1+ 32. Kh2 Qf4+ {
wins the Bf7 and defends h7.}) 31... Qe4 32. Rf3 d4 33. Kh2 Qh4 34. Qe5+ {
1-0 Kamsky,G (2660)-Chiku Ratte,O (2386) Calgary, 2016.}) 9... d5 $11 10. exd5
Nxd5 11. c3 b5 12. Ba2 Bb7 13. Be3 Qd6 14. Qc2 ({White has no time to maneuver
a N to e4, e.g.} 14. Ng5 Nxe3 15. fxe3 Ne5 16. Ne4 (16. d4 Nc4 $17) 16... Qxd3
17. Nxc5 Qxe3+ $19) 14... Ne5 (14... Nxe3 $1 15. fxe3 Ne5 $17 {with two
well-placed Bs and pressure against White's center pawns.}) 15. Nxe5 Qxe5 16.
Bc1 (16. Bxc5 Nxc3 $1 17. bxc3 (17. Qxc3 $2 Qg5 {Only move.} $19) 17... Qxc5 $17) 16...
Rad8 17. f4 Qd6 18. f5 Qe5 19. fxg6 hxg6 (19... Ne3 $1 {looks like it gives
White a lot of play, but is strong for Black:} 20. gxf7+ (20. gxh7+ Kh8 21.
Bxe3 Qxe3+ 22. Kh2 (22. Kh1 Qxh3+) 22... Be5+ 23. g3 Rxd3 $19) 20... Kh8 21.
Bxe3 Qxe3+ 22. Rf2 c4 23. dxc4 Rxf7 $19) 20. d4 cxd4 21. Nxd4 Ne3 (21... Nxc3
$3 22. bxc3 Rxd4 $1 $19) 22. Bxe3 Qxe3+ 23. Rf2 {[#]} ({White may have better
drawing chances by trading Qs with} 23. Qf2 Qxf2+ 24. Rxf2 Bxd4 25. cxd4 Rxd4
26. Raf1 Bd5 $17 {with an extra passed pawn in what will probably be a R
ending.}) 23... e6 $1 (23... Rxd4 $2 {looks deadly, but overlooks White's
threats.} 24. cxd4 Bxd4 {hoping for} 25. Raf1 $2 ({but White draws with} 25.
Qxg6+ {Only move.} Kh8 {Only move.} 26. Qh5+ Kg7 {Only move.} (26... Kg8 $2 27. Bxf7+ $18) 27. Qg4+ $11)
25... Qg3 $19) (23... e5 $1 24. Nf3 e4 $17 {is also clearly better for Black,
but ...e6 leaves both diagonals open for the black Bs.}) 24. Nf3 Bxf3 25. gxf3
Rd7 (25... Rd3 $1 {prepares to double while restricting White's Q.}) 26. Qe4
Qc5 27. h4 $2 (27. Kg2 Rfd8 $17) 27... Rd2 $19 28. Raf1 Rxb2 29. Kg2 Qxa3 $1 {
Not afraid of ghosts.} 30. Bxe6 {White's only hope, but with his rooks doubled
behind his own f-pawn, there aren't enough attackers.} Rxf2+ 31. Kxf2 Qc5+ $1 (
31... fxe6 32. Qxe6+ Kh7 33. h5 Rf6 $4 {might have been White's hope} (33...
Qc5+ 34. Kg2 Qg5+ $1 {pushing the K away before taking on h5 so there will be
no Rh1.}) 34. hxg6+ Rxg6 35. Rh1+ $11) 32. Kg2 fxe6 33. Qxe6+ Kh7 34. Qxa6 Re8
35. Qb7 Re2+ 36. Kg3 Qe5+ 37. f4 Qxc3+ 38. Kg4 Re3 39. Rg1 {and White resigned
before losing everything to ...Qd3 or ...Qc2.} 0-1


Author: John Upper
Posted: July 7, 2018, 6:37 pm

The 2018 CYCC took place July 2-5, 2018 in Quebec City.

It attracted a record 363 players! Complete results below.

The Canadian Youth Chess Championships is a set of 7-round swiss for the National Championships in U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, girls and boys. Winners qualify to represent Canada at:

  • the World Cadet Chess Championship (U8, U10, U12) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Nov 3-16).
  • the World Youth Chess Championship (U14, U16, U18) in Halkidiki, Greece (Oct 19 - Nov 1).

Complete Results

U8g Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Chen Rae   10w1   9b1   8w1   2b1   3w0   5b1   6w1 6
2 Kaur Eveleen    6b1   5w1   3b1   1w0   4b½   8w1   9b1 5.5
3 Chen Alina    7w1   4b1   2w0   5b1   1b1   6w0   8b1 5
4 Inozemtseva Milana    8b1   3w0  10b1   6w0   2w½ -1  11b1 4.5
5 Yang Isabella   11w1   2b0   7w1   3w0   6b1   1w0 -1 4
6 Guan Marie    2w0  11b1   9w1   4b1   5w0   3b1   1b0 4
7 Zhao Catherine    3b0   8w0   5b0 -1  11b1   9w1  10w1 4
8 Liao Jocelyn    4w0   7b1   1b0  10w1 -1   2b0   3w0 3
9 Vozian Angelina  -1   1w0   6b0  11w1  10b1   7b0   2w0 3
10 Revenco Bianca   1b0 -1   4w0   8b0   9w0  11w1   7b0 2
11 Tsukerman Valerie   5b0   6w0 -1   9b0   7w0  10b0   4w0 1
U10g Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Qu Greta   10w1   9b1   2w1   7b1   3w1   5b½   8w1 6.5
2 Zhuang Jin Rong (Winnie)    6b1  15w1   1b0  19w1   8b1   3w1   5w½ 5.5
3 Li Annie Le Yi  25b1  17w1   5b1   4w1   1b0   2b0   7w1 5
4 Mok Gillian   11w1  22b1   7w0   3b0  10w1   9b1  12w1 5
5 Ai Amy   21w1  20b1   3w0   9b1   7w1   1w½   2b½ 5
6 Knowles Isabelle    2w0  23b1   8b0  13w½  22b1  19w1  15b1 4.5
7 Gao Lucy   24b1   8w1   4b1   1w0   5b0  15w1   3b0 4
8 Zhang Joyce   12w1   7b0   6w1  10b1   2w0  11b1   1b0 4
9 Dahale Siddhi   13b1   1w0  16b1   5w0  18b1   4w0  14b1 4
10 Guo Rainyee    1b0  16w1  18b1   8w0   4b0  13w1  17b1 4
11 Jeyakumar Mathusha    4b0  18w0  24b1  23w1  19b1   8w0  16b1 4
12 Guo Anni    8b0  24w1  15b½  17w1  16b1  14w½   4b0 4
13 Yang Lucy    9w0  21b1  14w0   6b½  25w1  10b0  18b1 3.5
14 Deng Joyce  16b0  25w1  13b1  22w1  15b0  12b½   9w0 3.5
15 Ran Alice   23w1   2b0  12w½  20b1  14w1   7b0   6w0 3.5
16 Siahou Audrey   14w1  10b0   9w0  21b1  12w0  23b1  11w0 3
17 Giasson Coralie  19w1   3b0  22w0  12b0  21w1  20b1  10w0 3
18 Jasniewicz Olivia   20w0  11b1  10w0  24b1   9w0  22b1  13w0 3
19 Zhong April   17b0 -1  20w1   2b0  11w0   6b0  24w+ 3
20 Budd Elsa   18b1   5w0  19b0  15w0  23b1  17w0 -1 3
21 Leveille Brianna    5b0  13w0  25b1  16w0  17b0 -1  22w1 3
22 Rahmani Aya -1   4w0  17b1  14b0   6w0  18w0  21b0 2
23 Scalabrini Julianne   15b0   6w0 -1  11b0  20w0  16w0  25b1 2
24 Dutrisac Cassidy    7w0  12b0  11w0  18w0 -1  25b1  19b- 2
25 Deschateletes Emma    3w0  14b0  21w0 -1  13b0  24w0  23w0 1
U12g Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Qian Jessica   16b1   4w0  13b1  15w1   6w1   2b1   7w1 6
2 Tsukerman Julia  13b1  10w½  11b1   3w1   4b1   1w0   6b1 5.5
3 Gilani Mysha    7w1   5b1   6w0   2b0  12w1  11b1  10w1 5
4 Jiang Kate Yuhua   15w1   1b1   9w1   6b½   2w0   7b1   5w½ 5
5 Liao Yilin    8b1   3w0  10b0  14w1  15b1   9w1   4b½ 4.5
6 Shen Isamel   11b1  14w1   3b1   4w½   1b0  10w1   2w0 4.5
7 Surya Dania    3b0   8w1  14b1  13w1   9b1   4w0   1b0 4
8 Liao Jody    5w0   7b0  17w1  18b1  10b0  13w1  15b1 4
9 He Jiaqi  17w1  18b1   4b0  10w1   7w0   5b0  12w1 4
10 Wang Rachel Zihan  12w1   2b½   5w1   9b0   8w1   6b0   3b0 3.5
11 Vozian Emilia    6w0  17b1   2w0  12b0  14b1   3w0  16b1 3
12 Pobereshnikova Faina   10b0  13w0  16b1  11w1   3b0  15w1   9b0 3
13 Fan Elaine    2w0  12b1   1w0   7b0  16w1   8b0  17w1 3
14 Li Mengbai  -1   6b0   7w0   5b0  11w0  17w1  18b+ 3
15 Mellon-Ruel Clarelie   4b0  16w1  18w1   1b0   5w0  12b0   8w0 2
16 Boucher Anne-Marie    1w0  15b0  12w0  17b1  13b0  18w1  11w0 2
17 Gauthier Annie    9b0  11w0   8b0  16w0  18w1  14b0  13b0 1
18 Beaulne Ilianna     -½   9w0  15b0   8w0  17b0  16b0  14w- 0.5
U14g Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 He Emma    5b1   2w1   8b1   3w½   4b1   6w1   7b1 6.5
2 Guo Haotong Hazel   12w1   1b0   9w1   6b1  11w1   5b1   3w½ 5.5
3 Wang Isabelle  10w1   9b½   7w1   1b½   5w½   4w½   2b½ 4.5
4 Wu Ingrid    7b1   5w0  13b1   8w1   1w0   3b½   9b½ 4
5 Lin Alle (Zige)    1w0   4b1  11w1   9b1   3b½   2w0   8w½ 4
6 Boucher Myriam    8w0  12b1  10w1   2w0  13b1   1b0 -1 4
7 Van Anna (Thuy Thanh An)    4w0  10b1   3b0  12w1   8b1   9w½   1w0 3.5
8 Tan Kylie    6b1  13w1   1w0   4b0   7w0 -1   5b½ 3.5
9 Farkas Jezzel   11b1   3w½   2b0   5w0 -1   7b½   4w½ 3.5
10 Chen Annie   3b0   7w0   6b0 -1  12w0  13b1  11b1 3
11 Shan Lyvia    9w0 -1   5b0  13w1   2b0  12b½  10w0 2.5
12 Caron Ashley    2b0   6w0 -1   7b0  10b1  11w½  13w0 2.5
13 Kriemadis Emma  -1   8b0   4w0  11b0   6w0  10w0  12b1 2
U16-18g Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Ouellet Maili-Jade   6b1   3w1   8b1   2w1   9b1   4w1  10b½ 6.5
2 Demchenko Svitlana    9w1  11b1   4w1   1b0   3w½   5b1   6w1 5.5
3 Li Yi Lin == G. U18  10w1   1b0  11w1   5b1   2b½   6w1   7w1 5.5
4 Cui Cynthia    8b1   7w1   2b0   6w0  10w1   1b0 -1 4
5 Botez Andrea    7b½   6w½  10b1   3w0 -1   2w0   8b1 4
6 Cao Yingying (Lucy)    1w0   5b½   7w1   4b1   8w1   3b0   2b0 3.5
7 Eirew Pepi == G. U-18   5w½   4b0   6b0 -1  11w1   9w1   3b0 3.5
8 Yu Xin Yi (Cindy) == G. U18   4w0   9b1   1w0  11b1   6b0 -1   5w0 3
9 Zhou Lily    2b0   8w0 -1  10b1   1w0   7b0  11w+ 3
10 Hitchlock Veronica == G. U18   3b0 -1   5w0   9w0   4b0  11b½   1w½ 2
11 Macivor Kieme == G. U18 -1   2w0   3b0   8w0   7b0  10w½   9b- 1.5
U8 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Zuo Zichen (Roger)   51w+  35b1   5w1  14b1   2w½   3w1   9b1 6.5
2 Mane Arnav   21b½  37w1  24b1  27w1   1b½  14w1   5b1 6
3 Liu Yunqi (Lucas)  27b½  21w1  11w1   4b1   9w1   1b0  10b1 5.5
4 Ming Jerry   43w1  30b1   9w½   3w0  27b1  15b1  20w1 5.5
5 Pugach Daniel   46b1  10w1   1b0  18w1   6b1   7w1   2w0 5
6 Guo Boyong   29w1  12b1  15w1   9b0   5w0  16b1  26w1 5
7 Tseng Bradley   12w0  51b+  46b1   8b1  16w1   5b0  15w1 5
8 Feng Benjamin   40b½  19w1  20b½   7w0  39b1  17w1  14b1 5
9 Georgescu-Nicolau Luca  22b1  13w1   4b½   6w1   3b0  25b1   1w0 4.5
10 Guo Richard   50b1   5b0  29w1  25w½  21b1  11b1   3w0 4.5
11 Pompas Codrin   41b1  17w1   3b0  23w½  42b1  10w0  27b1 4.5
12 Qu Jayden    7b1   6w0  17b1  26w1  14w0  24b½  30w1 4.5
13 Zhong Ryan   44w1   9b0  36w½  16b0  28w1  38b1  25w1 4.5
14 Wang Xiuqi (Arthur)   48b1  18w1  26b1   1w0  12b1   2b0   8w0 4
15 Jiang William   33b1  25w1   6b0  38w1  20b1   4w0   7b0 4
16 WANG Jingwei (Leo)  25b0  33w1  22b1  13w1   7b0   6w0  38w1 4
17 Hu Richard  36w1  11b0  12w0  44b1  31w1   8b0  37w1 4
18 Lu Aiden   47w1  14b0  45w1   5b0  36w0  43b1  31w1 4
19 Leblanc Zach   30w0   8b0  43w1  29b0  44w1  45b1  35w1 4
20 Yao Henry   31w1  24b½   8w½  35b1  15w0  36b1   4b0 4
21 Wu Jonathan    2w½   3b0  37w1  28b1  10w0  35b½  29w1 4
22 Shen Caden    9w0  44b1  16w0  34b1  29w1  26b½  24w½ 4
23 Chen Vincent   35w0  43b1  31w1  11b½  25w0  37b½  36w1 4
24 Huang Justin   34b1  20w½   2w0  36b½  33b1  12w½  22b½ 4
25 Jiang Ray   16w1  15b0  47w1  10b½  23b1   9w0  13b0 3.5
26 Kofmansky Matthew   38b1  39w1  14w0  12b0  46b1  22w½   6b0 3.5
27 Wang Jaden    3w½  45b1  28w1   2b0   4w0  42b1  11w0 3.5
28 Bourdon Gosselin Paul  37b½  40w1  27b0  21w0  13b0  34w1  42w1 3.5
29 Mok Erwin    6b0  49w1  10b0  19w1  22b0  46w1  21b0 3
30 Liu Henry (Haichen)   19b1   4w0  38b0  39w0  47b1  33w1  12b0 3
31 Fan Eric   20b0  34w1  23b0  41w1  17b0  39w1  18b0 3
32 Bai Kingsley   39b0  38w0  40b1  33w0  34b0  47w1  46b1 3
33 Ji Sherwin   15w0  16b0  50w1  32b1  24w0  30b0  45w1 3
34 Murali Dhruv  24w0  31b0  48b1  22w0  32w1  28b0  44w1 3
35 Wang Haoze   23b1   1w0  39b1  20w0  38b½  21w½  19b0 3
36 Zhu Jeremy   17b0  41w1  13b½  24w½  18b1  20w0  23b0 3
37 Cretel Leon   28w½   2b0  21b0  49w1  40b1  23w½  17b0 3
38 Lou Aaron  26w0  32b1  30w1  15b0  35w½  13w0  16b0 2.5
39 Morinvil Jean-Mathieu  32w1  26b0  35w0  30b1   8w0  31b0  41w½ 2.5
40 Zhang Ethan    8w½  28b0  32w0  47b1  37w0  44b0  43w1 2.5
41 Shar Timur   11w0  36b0 -1  31b0  43w0  49w1  39b½ 2.5
42 Kolarevic Viktor    -½    -½    -½  50b1  11w0  27w0  28b0 2.5
43 Adam Gabriel   4b0  23w0  19b0  48w1  41b1  18w0  40b0 2
44 Morrison David   13b0  22w0  49b1  17w0  19b0  40w1  34b0 2
45 Ng Kai   49b1  27w0  18b0  46w0  48b1  19w0  33b0 2
46 Odrcich Eric    5w0  50b1   7w0  45b1  26w0  29b0  32w0 2
47 Schatz  Alexander   18b0  48w1  25b0  40w0  30w0  32b0  50w1 2
48 Tso Justin   14w0  47b0  34w0  43b0  45w0  50b1  49w1 2
49 Boucher Roch   45w0  29b0  44w0  37b0  50w½  41b0  48b0 0.5
50 Parent Lucas  10w0  46w0  33b0  42w0  49b½  48w0  47b0 0.5
51 Joueur Phantome    1b-   7w- 0 0 0 0 0 0
U10 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Zhong Kevin  69w1  12b1  23w1   3b1   2w½   4b1   5w1 6.5
2 Xu Daniel   71b1  22w1  10b1   8w1   1b½   9w1   7w1 6.5
3 Yuen Noah Nathaniel   29b1  15w1  16b1   1w0  32b½  21w1  14b1 5.5
4 Atanasov Anthony   43b1  50w1   9b1   7w1  31b½   1w0  15b1 5.5
5 Liu Aaron   41b1  17w1   7b0  46w1  25b1   8w1   1b0 5
6 Jiang Barron Jiyu  51b1  10w0  39b1   9w0  48b1  45w1  31b1 5
7 Chandra Anand Rishi   37w1  32b1   5w1   4b0  11w1  31w1   2b0 5
8 Ning Eric   58w1  20b1  13w1   2b0  12w1   5b0  22w1 5
9 Yan Alex Jikai  60w1  26b1   4w0   6b1  27w1   2b0  30w1 5
10 Latorre Vincent  70w1   6b1   2w0  26b1  20w½  30b½  24w1 5
11 Qin Vincent   34w1  35b½  24w1  30w1   7b0  20b½  13w1 5
12 Chen Andrew   64b1   1w0  29b1  28w1   8b0  36w1  17b½ 4.5
13 Ripley Sam   39b1  36w1   8b0  18w½  38b1  32w1  11b0 4.5
14 Han Johnathan   47b1  46w1  31b0  17w1  15b½  18w1   3w0 4.5
15 Huang Richard   65w1   3b0  41w1  42b1  14w½  23b1   4w0 4.5
16 Darvekar Yash   56w1  25b1   3w0  37b1  21w0  34b½  26w1 4.5
17 Qiu James   49w1   5b0  56w1  14b0  41w1  27b1  12w½ 4.5
18 Wang Zhixing (Daniel)   55w1  23b0  57w1  13b½  42w1  14b0  34w1 4.5
19 Puri Dylan   36b0  39w0  67b½  51w1  54w1  46b1  35w1 4.5
20 Bocan Richard  67b1   8w0  47b1  24w1  10b½  11w½  21b½ 4.5
21 Ma Andrew   28w1  30b½  54w1  31w½  16b1   3b0  20w½ 4.5
22 Yuan Hao Chao (Henry)   27w1   2b0  34w0  56b1  28b1  25w1   8b0 4
23 Lin Leo   59b1  18w1   1b0  25w0  29b1  15w0  47b1 4
24 Shi Michael   38b1  66w1  11b0  20b0  37w1  40w1  10b0 4
25 Ran Sean   52b1  16w0  51b1  23b1   5w0  22b0  41w1 4
26 Bourdon Gosselin Jules  68b1   9w0  64b1  10w0  49b1  39w1  16b0 4
27 Morrison Daniel   22b0  71w1  36b1  35w1   9b0  17w0  45b1 4
28 Xu Joey   21b0  44w1  50b1  12b0  22w0  48w1  49b1 4
29 Du David   3w0  65b1  12w0  55b1  23w0  56b1  44w1 4
30 Hu Raymond  44b1  21w½  35w1  11b0  40b1  10w½   9b0 4
31 Li Adam   57b1  45w1  14w1  21b½   4w½   7b0   6w0 4
32 Locham Divjot   33w1   7w0  45b1  34b1   3w½  13b0  36w½ 4
33 Mak Logan Jason   32b0  37b0  55w0 -1  61w1  42b1  43w1 4
34 Fan Haoran   11b0  48w1  22b1  32w0  46b1  16w½  18b0 3.5
35 He Zekai  48b1  11w½  30b0  27b0  68w1  38w1  19b0 3.5
36 Beliveau Mathieu  19w1  13b0  27w0  57b1  59w1  12b0  32b½ 3.5
37 Zhu Ricky    7b0  33w1  53b1  16w0  24b0  62w1  39b½ 3.5
38 Shan Eric   24w0  63b1  68w½  54b1  13w0  35b0  55b1 3.5
39 Huang Winston   13w0  19b1   6w0  50w1  43b1  26b0  37w½ 3.5
40 Liao Austin   54w½  42b0  61w1  68b1  30w0  24b0  58w1 3.5
41 Lin Joey    5w0  49b1  15b0  44w1  17b0  52w1  25b0 3
42 Zhang Kevin  45b0  40w1  43b1  15w0  18b0  33w0  67b1 3
43 Mellon-Ruel Olivier   4w0  62b1  42w0  64b1  39w0  59b1  33b0 3
44 Lee Mattias Libesman   30w0  28b0  70w1  41b0  58w1  60b1  29b0 3
45 Gao Joshua   42w1  31b0  32w0  62b1  65w+   6b0  27w0 3
46 Wang Emil   72w1  14b0  59w1   5b0  34w0  19w0  62b1 3
47 Lin Brenton   14w0  72b1  20w0  65b0  64w1  57b1  23w0 3
48 Demers Felix  35w0  34b0  69w1  58b1   6w0  28b0  61w1 3
49 Liu Daniel   17b0  41w0  63w1  60b1  26w0  54b1  28w0 3
50 Dufresne Christophe  62w1   4b0  28w0  39b0  57w0  72b1  56w1 3
51 Liu Steven    6w0  70b1  25w0  19b0  60w0  69b1  59w1 3
52 Robert Jeremie  25w0  56b0  62w0  70b1  63w1  41b0  60w1 3
53 Suthakar Surya   61w1  54b0  37w0  59b0  56w0  63b1  57w1 3
54 Nikmaram Ryan   40b½  53w1  21b0  38w0  19b0  49w0  68b1 2.5
55 Luo David  18b0  59w0  33b1  29w0  67b½  68b1  38w0 2.5
56 Hodgson Trent   16b0  52w1  17b0  22w0  53b1  29w0  50b0 2
57 Huang Ivan   31w0  61b1  18b0  36w0  50b1  47w0  53b0 2
58 Deng Henry   8b0  67w1  66b0  48w0  44b0  71w1  40b0 2
59 Luo Zhiheng   23w0  55b1  46b0  53w1  36b0  43w0  51b0 2
60 Su Derrick    9b0  68w0  72b1  49w0  51b1  44w0  52b0 2
61 Chen Daniel  53b0  57w0  40b0  72w1  33b0  64w1  48b0 2
62 Chaupart Alexander  50b0  43w0  52b1  45w0  69w1  37b0  46w0 2
63 Johnson William   66b0  38w0  49b0  71w1  52b0  53w0  69w1 2
64 Zeng Gordon   12w0  69b1  26w0  43w0  47b0  61b0  70w1 2
65 Fang Hengbin   15b0  29w0  71b1  47w1  45b- 0 0 2
66 Jiang Eric   63w1  24b0  58w1 0 0 0 0 2
67 Imoo Matthew   20w0  58b0  19w½  69b0  55w½  70b1  42w0 2
68 Melaschenko-Bolger Brian   26w0  60b1  38b½  40w0  35b0  55w0  54w0 1.5
69 Aubin Samuel    1b0  64w0  48b0  67w1  62b0  51w0  63b0 1
70 Power Colin   10b0  51w0  44b0  52w0  71b1  67w0  64b0 1
71 Boucher Samuel    2w0  27b0  65w0  63b0  70w0  58b0 -1 1
72 Levesque Zack  46b0  47w0  60w0  61b0 -1  50w0 0 1
U12 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Chen Max   37b1  25w1  12b1  21w1   3b1   2w1   6b½ 6.5
2 Zhao Jeffrey R.   36b1  22w1   6b½   9w1  10b1   1b0  16w1 5.5
3 Zheng Richard  42w1  26b1   8w1   4b1   1w0  15b½  11w1 5.5
4 Zhang Chu Hang  69b1  30w1  28b1   3w0  13b½  12w1  15w1 5.5
5 Rusonik Max   27b1   7w1  21b0  29w1  24b½  13w1  10w1 5.5
6 Issani Nameer   34w1  24b1   2w½  11b1  15w½  21b1   1w½ 5.5
7 Zhang Henry Xianrui   43w1   5b0  57w1  27b0  20w1  41b1  21w1 5
8 Joseph Benher Savio   47b1  46w1   3b0  40w½  29b½  22w1  26b1 5
9 Noorali Aahil   35w1  14b1  11w½   2b0  31w1  26b½  19w1 5
10 Srinivasan Hemant   66b1  13w1  31b1  15b½   2w0  30w1   5b0 4.5
11 Windram James   39b1  40w1   9b½   6w0  32b1  28w1   3b0 4.5
12 Guipi Bopala Prince Eric Jr.  20w1  18b1   1w0  19b1  26w½   4b0  32w1 4.5
13 Gao Raymond   50w1  10b0  53w1  22b1   4w½   5b0  33w1 4.5
14 Liu Harry   61w1   9w0  27b0  48b1  42w1  40w½  35b1 4.5
15 Huang Youhe   38b1  32w1  23b1  10w½   6b½   3w½   4b0 4.5
16 Kang Dorian   29b½  56w1  30b½  32w½  25b1  24w1   2b0 4.5
17 Ran Xiaoyu (Charles)   54b1  23w0  35b½  39w1  40b½  46w1  18b½ 4.5
18 Xie Austin   65b1  12w0  45b1  28w½  30b½  29w1  17w½ 4.5
19 Liu Henry   64b1  28w0  36b1  12w0  57b1  23w1   9b0 4
20 Wang Robert  12b0  65w1  22b0  56w1   7b0  60w1  46b1 4
21 Li Yun Hong (Kevin)   48w1  33b1   5w1   1b0  27w1   6w0   7b0 4
22 Lin Felix   67w1   2b0  20w1  13w0  36b1   8b0  40w1 4
23 Chen Derek   60w1  17b1  15w0  26b0  43w1  19b0  44w1 4
24 Zhu Matthew   45b1   6w0  37b1  46w1   5w½  16b0  27b½ 4
25 Imoo Joshua   68w1   1b0  42w1  33b½  16w0  34b1  28b½ 4
26 Srinivas Atharva   62b1   3w0  38b1  23w1  12b½   9w½   8w0 4
27 Jiang David    5w0  43b1  14w1   7w1  21b0  31b½  24w½ 4
28 Gu Chuyang   55w1  19b1   4w0  18b½  33w1  11b0  25w½ 4
29 Adam Rafael  16w½  41b1  52w1   5b0   8w½  18b0  43w1 4
30 Ivanescu Mark   57w1   4b0  16w½  52b1  18w½  10b0  42w1 4
31 Bui Alan   52w½  63b1  10w0  35w1   9b0  27w½  47b1 4
32 Jeyakumar Bhavatharshan   49w1  15b0  55w1  16b½  11w0  58b1  12b0 3.5
33 Mugunthan Vaamanan   58b1  21w0  56b1  25w½  28b0  51w1  13b0 3.5
34 Wang Daniel    6b0  45w0  64b1  62w1  51b½  25w0  56b1 3.5
35 Chen Richard    9b0  61w1  17w½  31b0  67w1  53b1  14w0 3.5
36 Wang Yinan    2w0  67b1  19w0  44b1  22w0  66b1  41w½ 3.5
37 Ripley Noah    1w0  68b1  24w0  43b0  62w1  49b½  52w1 3.5
38 Zhang Charlie   15w0  49b1  26w0  67b½  52w1  42b0  53w1 3.5
39 Cheng Adrien   11w0  59b½  44w1  17b0  53w0  67b1  58w1 3.5
40 Gao William (Zhimao)   59w1  11b0  50w1   8b½  17w½  14b½  22b0 3.5
41 Fedyushchenko Alexander  51b½  29w0  60b½  47w1  49b1   7w0  36b½ 3.5
42 Gaisinsky Jacob    3b0  62w1  25b0  45w1  14b0  38w1  30b0 3
43 Eirew David    7b0  27w0  54b1  37w1  23b0  57w1  29b0 3
44 Luo Andrew  46b0  47w1  39b0  36w0  45b1  54w1  23b0 3
45 Odrcich Evan   24w0  34b1  18w0  42b0  44w0  68b1  64b1 3
46 Moisan Pier-Philippe  44w1   8b0  48w1  24b0  50w1  17b0  20w0 3
47 Xue Harry    8w0  44b0  59w1  41b0  65w1  55b1  31w0 3
48 Liu Li Yuan (George)   21b0  58w1  46b0  14w0  56b0  59b+  66w1 3
49 Tso Kevin   32b0  38w0  61b1  55b1  41w0  37w½  57b½ 3
50 Jasniewicz Karol   13b0  66w1  40b0  60w1  46b0  56w½  51b½ 3
51 Xu Philip   41w½  52b0  63w1  53b½  34w½  33b0  50w½ 3
52 Yim Justin   31b½  51w1  29b0  30w0  38b0  63w1  37b0 2.5
53 Roy Benjamin  56b0  54w1  13b0  51w½  39b1  35w0  38b0 2.5
54 Everitt Joseph   17w0  53b0  43w0  63b1  59w½  44b0  61b1 2.5
55 Desjardins Alexandre   28b0  64w1  32b0  49w0  68b1  47w0  60b½ 2.5
56 Mai Deren  53w1  16b0  33w0  20b0  48w1  50b½  34w0 2.5
57 Parent Etienne  30b0  69w1   7b0  68w1  19w0  43b0  49w½ 2.5
58 Lamontagne Adrien  33w0  48b0 -1  59b½  61w1  32w0  39b0 2.5
59 Kourkoulakos Jojo   40b0  39w½  47b0  58w½  54b½  48w-  67w1 2.5
60 Pigot Mikael  23b0 -1  41w½  50b0  63w½  20b0  55w½ 2.5
61 Moffatt Trenton   14b0  35b0  49w0  64w1  58b0  65b1  54w0 2
62 Kriemadis Noah   26w0  42b0  65w1  34b0  37b0  64w0  69w1 2
63 Bara Alodainat     -½  31w0  51b0  54w0  60b½  52b0  68w1 2
64 Yim Warren   19w0  55b0  34w0  61b0 -1  62b1  45w0 2
65 BATORSHYN Ilia  18w0  20b0  62b0  69w1  47b0  61w0 -1 2
66 Corbeil Guillaume  10w0  50b0  68w0 -1  69b1  36w0  48b0 2
67 Cooperstock Shalev  22b0  36w0  69b1  38w½  35b0  39w0  59b0 1.5
68 Taylor Noah   25b0  37w0  66b1  57b0  55w0  45w0  63b0 1
69 Aubin Felix    4w0  57b0  67w0  65b0  66w0 -1  62b0 1
U14 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Vettese Nicholas   18w1  16b1   8w1  15b1   2w1   7b1   3w½ 6.5
2 Rodrigue-Lemieux Shawn  17b1  24w1  11b1   6w1   1b0   4w1  14b1 6
3 Zhao Ian   40w1  39b½  13w½  33b1   5w1  24b1   1b½ 5.5
4 Tanaka Tyler  34w1  33b1  15w0  39b1   9w1   2b0  16w1 5
5 Papneja Arul   27b0  50w1  25b1  20w1   3b0  33w1  13w1 5
6 Hemstapat Andrew   26b1  20w1  21b1   2b0   7w½  11w1   8b½ 5
7 Zhao Jeffrey Renfei   47b1  37w1  14b½  12w1   6b½   1w0  20b1 5
8 England Max   25b1  30w1   1b0  29w1  17b1  14w½   6w½ 5
9 Doknjas Neil   42w1  13b½  10w1  14w½   4b0  18b1  19w1 5
10 James Rowan   21b0  38w1   9b0  41w1  22b½  28w1  25b1 4.5
11 Wu Tony (Dongze)   43w1  23b1   2w0  13b½  19w1   6b0  24w1 4.5
12 Liu Harrison (Hangchen)   41w1  35b1  39w½   7b0  13w0  40b1  22w1 4.5
13 Ahmed Syed Ibrahim   52b1   9w½   3b½  11w½  12b1  26w1   5b0 4.5
14 Yang Fan   22w1  19b1   7w½   9b½  15w1   8b½   2w0 4.5
15 Craciun David  38b1  27w1   4b1   1w0  14b0  20w0  26b1 4
16 Demers Alexis  28b1   1w0  27b1  17w0  47b1  21w1   4b0 4
17 Ramesh Sanjay    2w0  44b1  23w1  16b1   8w0  19b0  33b1 4
18 Laroche Hugo   1b0  28w0  50b1  38w1  29b1   9w0  37b1 4
19 Wang Eric   48b1  14w0  47b1  21w1  11b0  17w1   9b0 4
20 Mirabelli Aidan   45w1   6b0  34w1   5b0  43w1  15b1   7w0 4
21 Celer-Matas Simon   10w1  32b1   6w0  19b0  39w1  16b0  29b½ 3.5
22 Cloutier Simon   14b0  48w1  24b0  40b1  10w½  30w1  12b0 3.5
23 Jiang Shawn   31b1  11w0  17b0  25w½  30b0  50w1  47b1 3.5
24 Chung Leo   44w1   2b0  22w1  26b½  42w1   3w0  11b0 3.5
25 Landstrom William    8w0  49b1   5w0  23b½  34w1  42b1  10w0 3.5
26 Zhang Andy    6w0  45b1  35w1  24w½  37b1  13b0  15w0 3.5
27 Dong Yiwei    5w1  15b0  16w0  44b1  33w0  35b1  32w½ 3.5
28 Yoker Callum   16w0  18b1  33w0  34b1  32w½  10b0  40w1 3.5
29 Chakkoli Anirud   35w0  41b1  43w1   8b0  18w0  44b1  21w½ 3.5
30 Grandmont Mathias  49w1   8b0  40w½  42b0  23w1  22b0  41w1 3.5
31 Stopic Alexander   23w0  43b0  32w0  51b1  45w1  41b½  42w1 3.5
32 Leblanc Alexandre X   50b½  21w0  31b1  37w0  28b½  47w1  27b½ 3.5
33 Xiang Christopher   46b1   4w0  28b1   3w0  27b1   5b0  17w0 3
34 Lei Yanyu    4b0  46w1  20b0  28w0  25b0  51w1  45b1 3
35 Ouellette Alex   29b1  12w0  26b0  47w0  46b1  27w0  44w1 3
36 Bergeron Emile  37b0  47w0  46b1  50w0  41b0  48w1  43w1 3
37 Xiao Edward   36w1   7b0  42w½  32b1  26w0  39b½  18w0 3
38 Kochetkov Maxim   15w0  10b0  45w1  18b0  49w½  43b1  39w½ 3
39 Makarczyk David   51b1   3w½  12b½   4w0  21b0  37w½  38b½ 3
40 Petrovic Milos    3b0  51w1  30b½  22w0  50b1  12w0  28b0 2.5
41 Vijendra Vinushan   12b0  29w0  51b1  10b0  36w1  31w½  30b0 2.5
42 Arcand Louis   9b0  52w1  37b½  30w1  24b0  25w0  31b0 2.5
43 Blanco Rafael  11b0  31w1  29b0  48w1  20b0  38w0  36b0 2
44 Hallam Lucas   24b0  17w0  52b1  27w0  48b1  29w0  35b0 2
45 Greco Justin   20b0  26w0  38b0  52w1  31b0  49b1  34w0 2
46 Renard Christopher   33w0  34b0  36w0  49b0  35w0  52b1  51b1 2
47 Zagas Michael    7w0  36b1  19w0  35b1  16w0  32b0  23w0 2
48 Cossette-Labbe Raphael  19w0  22b0  49w1  43b0  44w0  36b0  52w1 2
49 Zhu Benjamin   30b0  25w0  48b0  46w1  38b½  45w0  50b½ 2
50 Asemota Eghosa   32w½   5b0  18w0  36b1  40w0  23b0  49w½ 2
51 Wu Sunny   39w0  40b0  41w0  31w0  52b1  34b0  46w0 1
52 Hangsma Ben   13w0  42b0  44w0  45b0  51w0  46w0  48b0 0
U16 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Talukdar Rohan   13w1  25b1   4w1   2b½   5w1   6b1   9w1 6.5
2 Doknjas Joshua   14b1   5w1   6b1   1w½   3b1  11w½   7b½ 5.5
3 Surya Benito   23w1  10b½   8w1   4b1   2w0   9b½  13w1 5
4 Li William   29b1  12w1   1b0   3w0  14b1   8w1  11b1 5
5 Li Eric M   16w1   2b0  20w1  10b1   1b0  12w½  17w1 4.5
6 Zhang Henry   28w1  17b1   2w0   8b½  25w1   1w0  16b1 4.5
7 Liu Zhanhe (Lambert)   20w1   8b0   9w½  15b1  13w1  17b½   2w½ 4.5
8 Tinica Gabriel  30b1   7w1   3b0   6w½  17b½   4b0  20w1 4
9 Gaisinsky Adam   27b1  11w½   7b½  17w½  18b1   3w½   1b0 4
10 Sivapathasundaram Manojh   22b1   3w½  11b½   5w0  26b1  18w½  12b½ 4
11 Raninga Aditya   26w1   9b½  10w½  25b½  20w1   2b½   4w0 4
12 Lehingrat Callum   21w1   4b0  16w½  13b½  19w1   5b½  10w½ 4
13 Ratelband William    1b0  18w1  26b1  12w½   7b0  15w1   3b0 3.5
14 Xu Andrew    2w0  15b1  25w0  21b1   4w0  23b1  24b½ 3.5
15 Kiryakov Marin  18b½  14w0  22b1   7w0  28b1  13b0  25w1 3.5
16 Stroganov Victor    5b0  29w1  12b½  18w0  24w1  25b1   6w0 3.5
17 Bu Kevin (Yihuan)   19b1   6w0  27b1   9b½   8w½   7w½   5b0 3.5
18 Liao Joseph   15w½  13b0  28w1  16b1   9w0  10b½  19w½ 3.5
19 Caron Daniel   17w0  20b0 -1  27w1  12b0  22w1  18b½ 3.5
20 Rashid Kaden    7b0  19w1   5b0  22w1  11b0  26w1   8b0 3
21 Chen Shawn (Haofeng)   12b0  27w0  29b1  14w0  22b0  28w1  26b1 3
22 Morin Gabriel   10w0  23b1  15w0  20b0  21w1  19b0  27w1 3
23 Leblanc Miguel    3b0  22w0  24b1  26w0  27b1  14w0  29w1 3
24 Yang Brett   25w0  28b½  23w0 -1  16b0  29b1  14w½ 3
25 Richardson Kai   24b1   1w0  14b1  11w½   6b0  16w0  15b0 2.5
26 Eirew Milo   11b0 -1  13w0  23b1  10w0  20b0  21w0 2
27 Zhou Mike    9w0  21b1  17w0  19b0  23w0 -1  22b0 2
28 Jeyakumar Yathushan    6b0  24w½  18b0  29w½  15w0  21b0 -1 2
29 Zwart Justin    4w0  16b0  21w0  28b½ -1  24w0  23b0 1.5
30 Johnson Damian    8w0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
U18 Name 1.Rd 2.Rd 3.Rd 4.Rd 5.Rd 6.Rd 7.Rd Pts. 
1 Colvin Andrew    8b1   2w½   3b½   7w1   4b½   9w1   5b1 5.5
2 Bremner William   10w1   1b½   6w1   4b1   3w½   7b½   8w1 5.5
3 Zhu Brandon    7w1   6b½   1w½   5w1   2b½   4w1 -1 5.5
4 Saine Zachary   9b1  13w1   5b1   2w0   1w½   3b0   7w1 4.5
5 Turgeon Yoakim  11b1  12w1   4w0   3b0  10w1   6b1   1w0 4
6 Miller Reuben   14b+   3w½   2b0   8w1   9b½   5w0  10b1 4
7 Tran Dennis    3b0  11w1  13b1   1b0  12w1   2w½   4b0 3.5
8 Simoneau Michael   1w0  10b1   9w½   6b0 -1  11w1   2b0 3.5
9 Horner Blake    4w0  14b+   8b½  11w1   6w½   1b0  13b½ 3.5
10 Mcgovern Michael    2b0   8w0  12b1  13w1   5b0 -1   6w0 3
11 Everitt David    5w0   7b0 -1   9b0  13w1   8b0  12b+ 3
12 Johnson Damian     -½   5b0  10w0 -1   7b0  13b1  11w- 2.5
13 Puri Aryan  -1   4b0   7w0  10b0  11b0  12w0   9w½ 1.5
14 Adnan Habib    6w-   9w- 0 0 0 0 0 0


The playoff format was two games of (G/15 + 10) followed, if needed, by two/four/six games of (G/5 + 3).
Two sections ended with ties for first and required playoffs:

    • Kevin Zhong won the U10 by beating Daniel Xu 1.5/2.
    • Brandon Zhu won the U18 in a three-way playoff over Willaim Bremner (2nd) Andrew Colvin (3rd). 

Unfortunately, due to the odd number and small number of players in the U18, Brandon Zhu had to be given a 1 point bye in the final round to make it possible for legal pairings. [corrected - 2018.07.05]



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photo at the top of page by Victoria Jung-Doknjas:
2018 Olympiad teammates faceoff in the decisive game of the U16 girls: 2017 Canadian Women's Champion Maili-Jade Ouellet defeated Svitlana Demchenko en route to an uncatchable 6-out-of-6 start. 

Author: John Upper
Posted: July 5, 2018, 9:23 pm

19 chess events across Canada from Canada Day to Labour Day....

July 2-5, 2018

2018 Canadian Youth Chess Championships
Quebec City

7-round swiss for the National Championships in U8, U10, U12, U14, U16, U18, girls and boys.

Winners qualify to represent Canada at:

  • the World Cadet Chess Championship (U8, U10, U12) in Santiago de Compostela, Spain (Nov 3-16).
  • the World Youth Chess Championship (U14, U16, U18) in Halkidiki, Greece (Oct 19 - Nov 1).

Note: players must qualify for entry to the CYCC. Final qualification events will be held May 26 in Mississauga and June 3 in Montréal.
See CFC tournaments site for details.

Opening Ceremony July 1; round 1 July 2.

July 7-14, 2018

Canadian Open
Quebec City

  • 9-round Swiss
  • one round per day, except Sunday July 8, which sees rounds 2 and 3.
  • TC: 40/90 + G/30 + 30s
  • 5 sections: Open, U2000, U1800, U1600, U1400/unrated
  • Eligibility based on highest rating of: FIDE, CFC, FQE, or USCF (for US residents).
  • $15,000 guaranteed

Other events: Blitz championship; GM simul; GM lecture.


July 13-15, 2018

2018 New Brunswick Open Championship
Chinese Commerce Centre, Saint John

5 round Swiss
TC: 40/2 + G/60

July 21, 2018


10th Brantford Food Bank Open
89 Dalhousie St, Brantford

TC: 25 + 5
EF: $30 + 2 canned goods



Vancouver Active
Bridge Center, 2776 East Broadway

5 rounds
G/30 or G/25 + 10

July 21-28, 2018

Québec Open
Montréal-Longueuil, Québec

  • 9-round Swiss
  • one round per day, except Sunday July 22, which sees rounds 2 and 3.
  • $15,000 guaranteed
  • GMs confirmed: Romain Edouard (FRA), Victor Mikhalevski (ISR), Bator Sambuev (CAN), Alexander Chernaiev (RUS)
  • Blitz tournament July 28.

Cool location: South side of the St.Lawrence, next to Île Notre Dame. On the Metro, and only a 1km walk to the Six Flags amusement park on Île Sainte-Hélène.


July 27/28-29, 2018

PEI Open Chess Championship
UPEI, Charlottetown

5 round Swiss
TC: rd. 1-2: G/75 + 15s delay; rd. 3-5: G/120 + 30s delay

Note: two schedules of play are available: 1 Fri + 2 Sat, or 3 Saturday. Schedules merge on Sunday with 2 games.


July 28, 2018

Cowichan Rapid Open
Island Savings Centre, Duncan BC.

5 round Swiss, unrated
TC: 25 + 5


August 4, 2018

New Brunswick Day Tornado
University of New Brunswick, Fredericton

4 round Swiss
TC: g/60


August 4-6, 2018

2nd Semiahmoo Open
Pacific Inn Resort, Surrey BC

6-round Swiss (BC long weekend)
TC: 90 + 30

August 8-12, 2018

Canadian Junior Championship
Humber College, Toronto

Sections: 10-player invitiational RR, Open Swiss, U1800, U1300
TC: 90 + 30

Winners of the 10-player RR represent Canada at the World Junior in Turkey (Sept 4-16), and get $1500 travel.

August 14-19, 2018

11th Calgary International Chess Classic
Calgary Chess Club

Includes: Blitz Championship (Aug 19)

August 18-19, 2018

2nd Smiths Falls Open
Smiths Falls Lions Club, Smiths Falls ON

5 round Swiss
TC: 90 + 30

August 25-26, 2018

Hamilton Summer Open
Emmanuel United Church, Hamilton

5 round Swiss
TC: 90 + 30


11th Calgary International Open
Details: TBA


August 26, 2018

FAAAR Rapid Chess
Sheraton Airport, Toronto

5 round Swiss; unrated
TC: G/30

Labour Day Events

August 31-September 2, 2018

16th Abe Yanofsky Memorial
Lockhart Hall, University of Winnipeg

5-round Swiss
TC: 90 + 30; except rd.1: G/110

September 1-3, 2018

Paul Hake Labour Day Open
Saint Mary’s University, Halifax

6-round Swiss
TC: 90 + 30

Toronto Open
Annex Chess Club

6-round Swiss
TC: 90 + 30


Author: John Upper
Posted: July 2, 2018, 6:10 pm

Our Canadian Game of the Week is the final round board 1 pairing at the 2018 Charlottetown Open between top seeds Robert Sasata (2336) and Jason Manley (2157). How about an Evans Gambit to decide first place bragging rights?  Jason Manley annotates...

The 2018 Charlottetown Open was held May 25-26 at UPEI, attracting 17 players, including 4 experts. Complete results can be found in the CFC results database.


() - ()
 Round:  Result:
[Event "Charlottetown Open"]
[Site "Moncton"]
[Date "2018.05.27"]
[Round "5"]
[White "Manley, Jason"]
[Black "Sasata, Robert"]
[Result "1-0"]
[ECO "C52"]
[WhiteElo "2157"]
[BlackElo "2336"]
[Annotator "Jason Manley"]
[PlyCount "51"]
[EventDate "2018.??.??"]

{Board one in the last round of the Charlottetown Open was not a place I'd
expected to find myself the day prior. After overpressing in an equal ending
against Richard Bowes in the second round, I was at 1/2 and didn't expect to
have a shot at a tournament victory. However, after two comfortable wins,
combined with Fred McKim holding the tournament favourite, NM Robert Sasata,
to a hard-fought draw in the third round, I found myself in a three-way tie
for second, half a point behind the leader, heading into the last round.  I
wasn't familiar with Robert; I don't believe we'd ever played in the same
tournament before, much less against each other. However, I'd gathered from
watching his earlier games that he was a very aggressive player, so I steeled
myself for a highly combative game in what was a must-win situation for me.} 1.
e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 {The first surprise. I'd taken a quick survey of
what games of Robert's that I could find, and noticed that the Two Knights'
Defence was part of his repertoire. After a minute's reflection, I resolved to
put him on the back foot with an opening where White is undoubtedly the
aggressor: the Evans Gambit.} 4. b4 Bxb4 5. c3 Ba5 6. d4 {So far, so good. It
had been a couple of years since I'd last essayed the Evans in a serious
tournament game, but everything had felt natural thus far.} d6 $6 {Now this
was unexpected. For a start, d6 offers to immediately concede the pawn back 
(see variation on seventh move). Simplifying the position like that didn't
attract me, though; I'd played the Evans, I wanted to keep up the pressure. So
I instead played:} 7. Qb3 {With the target on f7, Black is left with a choice:
to defend the pawn and hinder his development, or to strike in the centre and
allow his king to be displaced?} (7. dxe5 dxe5 8. Qxd8+ {and Black must
concede either f7 or e5.}) 7... Nxd4 {Perhaps unsurprisingly, Robert opted for
the more agressive option, though his king's placement would suffer.} (7... Qd7
{was the other option, as leaving the e8-a4 diagonal unprotected would leave
Black vulnerable to d5.}) 8. Nxd4 exd4 9. Bxf7+ Kf8 10. O-O Bb6 11. Bc4 Qf6 {
Now let's take account of the position. Black is up a pawn, though White's
development appears freer. White's domination of the a2-g8 diagonal will make
it tough to develop his kingside, though Black's pressure on the long diagonal
will make it difficult for White to develop his queenside properly. I elected
to try to solve the problem of my queenside knight by immediately shifting it
to f3.} 12. Nd2 $6 Ne7 13. Nf3 Nc6 {And here I paused to think. ...Na5 is none
too pleasant of a move for me to meet. Capturing on d4 would crystallize the
position, with Black dominating the diagonal and keeping key lines, like the
e-file and the a3-f8 diagonal, closed. I took a deep breath, told myself that
if I was going to play the Evans I couldn't be afraid to sacrifice a few pawns,
and played:} 14. e5 $5 Nxe5 15. Nxe5 Qxe5 {Robert opted to keep the diagonal
closed in lieu of the e-file. Now I had a clear cut goal: to take that file
and entomb his king.} 16. Bd2 Bd7 17. cxd4 $1 {This move opens up the third
rank, as well as providing a key square on e3 for bringing White's rooks into
the fray, while also putting the question to Black's queen.} Qf5 $2 {The
question was asked, and I do not think this was the right answer: f5 has the
same disadvantage as f6 in terms of potential pins against the king, while also
limiting the range of the light squared bishop and removing an attacker from
d4. Instead, ...Qf6 or ...Qxd4 must have been better, although White is
noticeably better either way.} 18. Rae1 g5 {Understandable, as after either ...
Bxd4 or ...Re8, Re3 is still powerful, as the capture of the rook would allow
for a winning pin by the f1-rook after fxe3. However, now Black's fate is
sealed.} 19. Re3 g4 20. f3 g3 21. Re4 Qh5 22. hxg3 {Safety first. With Rfe1
followed by Rf4+ a devastating threat, Black must relinquish material.} Re8 23.
Rf4+ Ke7 24. Bf7 Bxd4+ 25. Be3 (25. Rxd4 {is actually possible, as after} Qxf7
26. Re1+ {followed by the activation of the dark squared bishop is deadly. The
text is sufficient, however.}) 25... Bxe3+ 26. Qxe3+ {And with material loss
inevitable, Robert resigned.} 1-0


Author: John Upper
Posted: June 27, 2018, 6:08 pm


June 26, 2018

Speed Chess Knockout Qualifier

A four player knock-out match to qualify for the 2018 Speed Chess Championship, which includes  Caruana, Mamedyarov, Nakamura, Karjakin, So, MVL, Grischuk, Aronian and more... essentially, all the world's top players except Carlsen (who won in 2017). 2018 Speed Chess Championship

Players (rank based on rating):

  1. Eric Hansen (Canada)
  2. Georg Meier (Germany)
  3. Leinier Dominguez (Cuba)
  4. on Ludvig Hammer (Norway)


  • 5 games of 5+1
  • 5 games of 3+1
  • 10 games of 1+1

Hansen plays Hammer in round 1, and the winner plays the winner of Meier - Dominguez. Hansen is the clear favourite in the first round, if only because he is a much better bullet player than Hammer. Meier may be the slight favourite overall, as he has consistently won the blitz and bullet arena events over the past few months.

Live Games 1pm Eastern
Commentary: IM Daniel Rensch and GM Robert Hess



Author: John Upper
Posted: June 26, 2018, 5:39 pm

Based on advice from professors of nursing and education at the University of Lethbridge, a Lethbridge Judge has sentenced five young offenders to study chess with instructors once a week. 

The "Chess For Life" program ran from February to May of 2018, and may be renewed. 

Read about it at these links:


Author: John Upper
Posted: June 11, 2018, 1:50 am

ChessBase asks readers to send in their games for GM Jon Speelman's "Agony" column. This week, Speelman analyzes three games by Canadian Miroslav Stefanovic, against three Canadian opponents: Alex Ferreira, David Southam, and Nameer Issani... all of whose names are misspelled in the article 🙁

Replayable games and analysis on the ChessBase site:

Author: John Upper
Posted: June 5, 2018, 1:14 am

The Golden Horseshoe Championship is a two-day, five-round Swiss at the Sandman Signature Mississauga Hotel,  June 2-3, 2018.

Top seeds are Canadian titleists: GM Bator Sambuev, GM Razvan PreotuIM Tomas Krnan, and IM Kaiqi Yang


Live games: the top three boards are DGT and can be followed live

Our Canadian Game of the Week is between Eric Ning and IM Tomas Krnan, from round 2 of the Golden Horseshoe Championship.

It is Black to play in the diagram. White played an early g4 against a KID and has a protected passed pawn and a nice outpost on c4. Black's pieces are all poised, but is there any way to break through that light-square stonewall to feast on the juicy juicy dark squares?...


() - ()
 Round:  Result:
[Event "Golden Horseshoe Ch."]
[Site "Mississauga"]
[Date "2018.06.02"]
[Round "2.3"]
[White "Ning, Eric"]
[Black "Krnan, Tomas"]
[Result "0-1"]
[WhiteElo "2068"]
[BlackElo "2499"]
[Annotator "John Upper"]
[PlyCount "56"]

1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 g6 3. Nc3 Bg7 4. e4 d6 5. Be2 O-O 6. g4 $6 {A side-line where
Black scores well.} c5 $1 (6... a6 {is recommended in the Kotronias series on
the KID for Quality Chess, though ...c5 is still more popular and
better-scoring.}) 7. d5 e6 {Black scores 65% and Elo +80 from here.} 8. Be3 $6
(8. g5 Ne8 9. h4 Nc7 {White's g5-push has dislodged the Nf6, but it has found
useful employment on c7, while the g5-pawn is arguably impeding any White
kingside attack.} 10. Bf4 exd5 11. exd5 Re8 12. Kf1 b5 13. cxb5 a6 $1 14. a4
axb5 15. axb5 Rxa1 16. Qxa1 Bb7 $15 {1/2-1/2 (35) Mamedyarov,S (2765)-Romanov,
E (2624) Baku 2011}) 8... exd5 9. cxd5 $2 (9. exd5 {leaves one less target to
attack (e4) but now the g4-pawn push looks silly.}) 9... Qa5 $5 (9... Qe7 $1
$17 10. Bf3 (10. f3 Nxg4 $1 $19 11. fxg4 Bxc3+ 12. bxc3 Qxe4 $19) 10... Nbd7
11. g5 Ne8 (11... Nh5 $1) 12. Qc2 Nc7 13. Bg2 b5 $17 14. Nf3 Re8 15. O-O b4 {
Black has an excellent Benoni at no cost.} 16. Na4 Ba6 $19 {(0-1, 54) Hansen,
L (2525)-Antonsen,M (2250) Aarhus 1991}) 10. f3 b5 11. Kf1 b4 12. Nb1 Ne8 13.
Nd2 f5 14. Kg2 Qd8 {[#]A funny picture, as almost all Black's pieces are on
the back rank, but White (as in the Saemisch KID) will struggle to extract his
minors from behind the f3-e4 pawn wall.} 15. Qc2 Nd7 16. Rf1 Qe7 17. h3 Bb7 18.
Nc4 Nef6 19. Bf4 Ne5 $2 (19... Nb6 $3 $19 20. Bxd6 (20. Nxd6 fxe4 21. Nxb7
Nfxd5 $19) 20... Nxc4 21. Bxe7 Ne3+ $19) 20. Bxe5 dxe5 21. Bd3 Rae8 (21... fxe4
{is better} 22. fxe4 Nxd5 $3 23. exd5 Rxf1 $8 (23... Bxd5+ $4 24. Be4) 24. Kxf1 Rf8+
25. Kg2 (25. Ke2 Qf6 $19) 25... Qf7 26. Nd6 Bxd5+ 27. Be4 Bxe4+ 28. Nxe4 Qf1+
29. Kg3 Bh6 30. Qe2 Bf4+ 31. Kh4 Qc1 {Black still has just two pawns for the
piece, but the Rh1 is indefinitely out of the game, his K is not safe, and
Black can just push the c-pawn.}) 22. Ne2 $2 {[#]Black's pieces are all ready,
but how to break through that light-square stonewall to get at the juicy juicy
dark squares?} (22. Na5 {is better}) 22... Nxd5 $3 23. exd5 e4 $8 24. Ng3 (24. fxe4
fxe4 25. Rxf8+ Bxf8 $19 26. Bxe4 Qxe4+ 27. Qxe4 Rxe4 {and there's no way to
save both Ns.}) 24... exd3 25. Qxd3 Bd4 26. d6 Qh4 27. d7 f4 $1 28. Ne4 (28.
dxe8=Q Qxg3#) 28... Rxe4 $1 (28... Rxe4 29. fxe4 Bxe4+ 30. Rf3 Qf2#) 0-1


Author: John Upper
Posted: June 2, 2018, 11:04 pm

Another interesting chess study by Canadian WGM Qiyu Zhou published on ChessBase. Here she revisits experiments from 1925 by Djakow, Rukid and Petrovsky (later repeated and reported by de Groot) which compare chess players of varying skills at their ability to recall positions ranging from a common opening tabiya, to complex middlegames and endgames, to completely random positions. 

SPOILER: her results support the original conclusions, but there are two interesting outliers -- one being a chess master who is a Go afficianado, and scored much better at the random positions.


Author: John Upper
Posted: May 31, 2018, 3:21 am