2019 Aurora Spring Open – details

CFC/FIDE Rated Chess Tournaments
with the minimum $$$ CAD first prize in Master Section


March 30-31, 2019


Newmarket Old Town Hall, 460 Botsford Street, Newmarket, Ontario, L3Y 1T1


$$$$ CAD prize monies based on 200 registgered players. Monetary prizes in all sections. First prize in Master Section – minimum $$$$ CAD based on 200 players. For unrated players max prize 100 CAD.


5 Round Swiss, except JU1000. Pairing software – SwissManager. Two half-point byes may be requested in advance for Rounds 1-4.


Master, U2100, and U1700 - CFC & FIDE rated; U1300, and JU1000 - CFC rated. Compositions of sections:

Master - rating 2100 or higher;
U2100 - with ratings from 1700 to 2099;
U1700 - with ratings from 1300 to 1699;
U1300 - for adults unrated to 1299;
JU1000 - for Juniors (Under 20 years) with ratings upto 999 and unrated. This section is a four (4) round tournament, and only on Saturday, March 30.

Time Control

90 minutes per player + 30 seconds per move starting from move one. Default time is 30 min (FIDE rules 6.7.1 “Any player who arrives at the chessboard after the default time shall lose the game unless the arbiter decides otherwise.”)

JU1000  - 55 min  + 5 seconds.

Entry fees

GM, WGM, IM and WIM free entry if confirmed by October 10.

Paid by March 27 (Sunday 24) - 80 CAD
Paid by October 29 (Friday 1 pm) - 100 CAD
Tournament day - 120 CAD; paired for Round 2

For an additional Play-up fee – 30 CAD – a player can enter the higher Section if his/her rating is within 100 points than the Section floor limit.

Play-up ratings for sections:

Master - 2000-2099;
U2100 - 1600-1699;
U1700 - 1200-1299;


Players must be CFC members in good standing to register.

Only players who have registered and paid by October 19 will be paired for Round one. Round one pairings will be posted in advance on this site late Friday night. You no longer need to “check-in” on Saturday as in previous tournaments. Several ways to register by March XX:

  1. Credit card via Paypalclick here to enter the registration page – all major credit cards accepted.
  2. In person: on Mondays at the Aurora Chess Club and paying cheques and cash.
  3. Mail a cheque: it must arrive before March XX. Please include the player’s name and CFC number. Use the form at the bottom of the page to inform us about your intention to play. Address:
    Aurora Chess Club
    913 Tegal Place
    Newmarket, ON
    L3X 1L3.



If a registered player cancels:

  • before 1 pm on March 29– full refund;
  • after– no refund for cancellation.

Round Times

Saturday Sunday
1 2 3 4 5
9:30 am 2 pm 6:30 pm 10 am 2:30 pm


Chess sets and clocks are provided for play.

Coffee and water provided.

Free parking. Please see the Newmarket parking map in a pdf file.

Great facilities and restaurants within walking distance on the famous Newmarket Main street.


Tournament Director - Chris Tapping. Chief Arbiter - Egidijus Zeromskis.

These nearby restaurants offer discounts to the participants:


Questions or requests:

Hall of Fame

2018 Fall
1-2 N. Noritsyn and T. Migot

2018 Spring
1-3 A. Hambleton, T Krnan, S. Rek

2017 Fall
1-3 A. Hambleton, S. Marin, N. Noritsyn

2017 Summer
1. J. Cai

2017 Spring
1. K. Yang

2016 Fall
1. J. Cai

2016 Spring
1. Y. Zhang

2015 Fall
1. M. Plotkin

2015 Summer
1. S. Noritsyn

2015 Spring
1. B Sambuev

2014 Fall
1. R. Preotu

2014 Summer
1. B. Sambuev

2014 Spring
1. B. Sambuev

2013 Fall
1. V. Plotkin

2013 Summer
1. N. Noritsyn