2018 AuCC Championship

Information about the Championship

Time control: 90min +3 sec

One large section. CFC rated. CFC and club's memberships are required to play in the tournament.

Nine rounds. Round dates Mondays on March 05, 19; April 9, 16, 23; May 7, 14, 28, June 4. Games start at 6:45 pm.

Swiss pairing system. Rounds 1 to 5 are with the acceleration. (Three groups >1400 (5 rounds with extra points), <1400 (3 rounds with extra points), and <900 no extra points. The system minimizes pairing opponents with a large rating differencesin first five rounds.)

1/2 byes for 2 rounds if told before pairings are posted. Not in the last round.


The champion's name on the Club Trophy.

Individual trophies for 1-3. Certificates for achievements.

Money prizes: 1st - $200; 2nd - $125; 3rd - $75.

For the best result in each rating group - $75. Rating groups: 2000-1500, 1499-1000, and below 999.

Money prizes will be divided between players with the same score in the same rating group. A player is only eligible for one money prize.


At the club, or send an email to info@aucc.club. Players can join at any round.

Previous Champions

2017 E.Zeromskis
2016 E.Zeromskis
2015 S.Noritsyn
2014 E.Zeromskis

Registered players

  1. Bernie Prost
  2. Chris Tapping
  3. Egidijus Zeromskis


To be published March ...


To be published after Round 1.